Jesus, who is Like You? Jesus hvem er som Du?

There are many good songs in Norway that deserve a wider audience, but don't get one because of the language barrier. This video is a little step to give people a chance to appreciate them.
Hilde L. Halvorsens song "Jesus Hvem er Som Du?" ("Jesus Who is like you") was written in 2011 and translated last summer. Translating songs properly is a complicated process as the original has to be done justice to, at the same time as the result needs to be singable and avoid ending up a rag-bag of clichés. The song-writer has to be happy with the result as well, as they have the copyright to the song and therefore the right of veto on the way you translate it.
After a ping-pong of discussion we came to an agreed solution, and after that came an even longer period trying to put the video together, because some of the visual effects were very demanding indeed, and my ideas were/are way ahead of my command of the techniqus.At the same time I also had to learn how to use Adobe Premier from scratch.
Towards the end is a kind of riddle. The clue to it is in George Herberts poem "The Elixir" from 1633:
" A man that looks on glasse,
On it may stay his eye;
Or if he pleaseth, through it passe,
And then the heav'n espie"
The Norwegian text and music with notes can be found at: (half way down the page) There are a number of other pearls on the same page, many in English.

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