Mary Watched the Face of Jesus [BMI]

Written in 1974; recorded at Hilltop, Nashville, in 1986, 'Mary Watched The Face of Jesus' is part of '30th Anniversary of I Want Us To Be Together In Heaven' CD. Because of Mary's 'Holiness', our Savior was in good hands. But, just think...she felt joy and pain for her children just as any mother does. Imagine her 'life-long' ordeal of watching her son die on a cross--knowing HE will rise again. When someone we love is suffering and dying, if they are a 'Believer', and we know they will go to heaven, do we grieve any less? Of course not. Mary suffered seeing her son beaten, maliciously...nailed to a cross...mocked by the crowd...and saw him never complain, but, willing to die--for 'her' and all of us! She is definitely the 'Bless-ed Mother'. I wrote this one day when my heart was heavy with the events of the cross, 'realizing' Mary watched.

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