Bathe-ing in your grace - Står i din nærhet

This song is too beautiful to miss; -Enjoy!
Soundtrack obtained from
I do not own or have the copyright to this music, and the original composer / lyricist has been difficult to track, as has the original recording and owner.
In the meantime this song, which possibly has its origin at Tabernaklet Pentecostal Church, Bergen, Norway, and has been passed on to the general Norwegian public via Ungfila, the Youth Fellowship of Filadelfia Church in Oslo, has been in circulation since about 2010. The translation / rendering was made during worship services at Kristent Felleskap, Bergen, by yours truly (Richard Mure Exelby) at that time, and the final revision of the wording put in place today (12th of July 2015).
As per usual, Merlin Phonofile has put in a third party claim to the soundtrack. I will be happy to hear what they actually know about this song.
The "spelling-mistake" in the title & line 2 of the first bit of the song is deliberate. It was necessary to dis-ambiguate the meaning (and consequently pronunciation) of the word, which unfortunately is not catered for in the dictionary spelling of the word. They wish to avoid the e+i combination when -ing is the suffix, and as a consequence end up with a spelling that could refer to 2 different things, and only a native-speaker will automatically choose the correct one. As a large number of my intended audience will not be native-speakers, I must at all costs avoid this. I am not sorry, either!

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