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End Times Prophecy From GOD: "I AM HE"

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My sons and daughters, from the beginning I AM WHO I AM and shall be... Even to the end, I AM HE...

From everlasting to everlasting, I AM, says The Lord...

And in this shall you rest and have peace.

No longer bind yourselves to what you see, nor concern yourselves with the things of this world and its evil ways. Free yourselves by the knowledge I have given you, by the understanding of who I am... Freedom in the knowing, I AM HE...
I HAVE DEFEATED THE WORLD! I have overcome your sins! Death is put to death because of Me!... Lo, I have defeated you also, if you would only surrender your life. I gave up My life in place of yours, so you may receive of My life!... Behold, I AM RISEN! Death is turned backward!... Only life is, and shall be!

Therefore, I ask you, how long will you withhold? How long will you wait before you let go?!..

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