How the spirit works.

The Lord is good. I have been given revelation as to the meaning of: I shall pour out my spirit upon all flesh. It is in each and everyone of us, by inheritance, that the spirit of God dwells. We are in God's righteous realm, unless we deny the spirit within us, given in Christ. It is the acceptance of the Gospel and Jesus Christ that we know and learn the things of God, and recieve his gifts and blessings... The Spirit of Truth stands as a beakon within us, that we keep sight, that we remain on the path to salvation, with the guidance thereof. Truth stands within us that we know the truth of our selves. It speaks through our loved ones, at a time we need to hear, as we convict our selves of our own sins faced with truth within us, we can not deny, lest we become dark full of despair. The spirit testifies the truth of how we hurt the ones we love in that darkend hour, and that we make amens before the witness of the Lord. We are of creation and God is within all things.

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