Everything Drama - Lifehouse - SEP version

"Everything" by Lifehouse

drama we did on the last night of SEP SoCal 2007 (Christian one-week youth camp) www.sepsocal.com - check it out...I go every summer and love it!

Tell me what you think of this, or how it impacted you. Comments, criticism, testimonies - whatever! I love feedback, and I actually reply if you ask me questions. :)

This was performed right after a pretty emotional message, which is why you can hear crying in the background, and was used as a lead-in to communion.

I (Melinda) play the main girl, who sort of represents all of humanity...the guy in white (Robert) represents God/Jesus, and the others all represent different sins or temptations, like lust (Cameron), money (Adrian), drinking (Sara), vanity and eating disorders (Celeste), cutting (Kyle), and suicide. (And I can't forget Kathleen, who taught us and directed this)

A lot of people have been asking how we learned this and how they can too: The way we learned it was by having someone be our director who just watched other videos of this drama over and over, studied them, and took notes on them. From our director and her notes, we learned to do the whole thing. You can easily do it yourself...don't bother asking around for a "script" or something. If you want to learn it and teach a group, just watch a few different versions of this. Pick the parts you like best about each, and make it your own version. Then take some detailed notes that include cues on when each character comes in and does what (this is especially important for the Jesus character, because he needs to know when to "create" what so that the whole thing goes at the right pace)...and then you'll do great!! :) For those of you reproducing this, I hope everything goes great and God uses you all to really reach people! ^_^

Remember, God is always with you, even if it seems like He's not. All you have to do is reach out for Him. :)

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