LF6: Shine! Feb. 9th & 10th, 2008!

LF6: Shine! Feb. 9th & 10th, 2008!

LoveFest 6: Shine! Matt 5:13-16 (LF6)

LoveFest is an annual event where we bring in experts from various fields to talk about $$!$, abstinence, purity, parent/teen relationships and other tough topics facing teens in secular world.

It's fun too!

Tina Marie (www.tinamarielive.com) is our keynote speaker and Michael Joiner (www.michaeljoiner.com), known as a top CLEAN comdian will have you rolling in the aisles. Al Menconi will also be conducting classes for adults and teens plus Pastor Roger Sonnenberg and Karen Kropf (www.positivelywaiting.com).

There will be a concert by Ben Kolarcik (www.benkolarcik.com) inflatable games, lunch from In-N-Out Burger and an incredible Italian Dinner. This is all included in the price of registration ($15!!!). Pre-registration is a must. go to oslcarcadia.com for more info.

There are classes for adults and classes for teens so this even is open to everyone.