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"CREATION ... beyond the shadow of a doubt" - Part 2 - Major secular scientists questioning evolution TRAILER

The theory of evolution is taught as fact in most schools of the world. But what if well-known professors from major universities were questioning it?

They have!

As in Part 1, Part 2 reveals and documents some of these quotes within a musical background, lots of Creation videography, some
"Creation episodes," plus 2 original songs.

Part 2 features racism, time/mathematical probability, a long
segment of quotes from both
creationists and evolutionists,
plus a couple of testimonies from Chandra Wickramasinghe
and Sir Fred Hoyle (who coined the term, "the Big Bang") and
who have calculated evolution to be mathematically impossible.

Also features wild flowers and bird songs ... much more ...

Runtime: 48 minutes - 2 songs

Produced by Cathy Friedlander ... Christian videographer, musician, and computer editor authoring over 22 videos and 10 cds.

Visit Cathy's website:


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