Calamity is Coming Part II

First an earthquake, then a bomb, finally the military. When this happens? I do not know. Jeremiah 1:1-3 gives a timeline. Jer. 1:11-12 says God is ready to perform his word. His word was pronounced in 2 Kings 21 during the reign of Manasseh. This means it took well over 40 years for God to do what he said he would do.

Jeremiah 3:6-11 hints at Judah's approach to God. Jesus spoke of Isreal in the same way in Matthew 15:7-9. The present day church is the same way.
We miss what God desires of his people which is to obey his commands. Instead idols have been brought into the house polluting our worship. This is repeated throughout Jeremiah.
Jer. 7:17-18, 21-24, 30
Jer. 9:12-14
Jer. 11:7-8, 10-11
Jer. 22:8-8
Many believe that their sacrifice is acceptable. I Samuel 15:22 says otherwise.
If the church were stripped down to just the word and the commandments, what would be left out? Think about all of the holidays, celebrations, and rationalizations used to justify "ministry".
Calamity will come. For those who are seeking God and earnestly following his word there is hope for safety.

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