Bestest Friend by Jay Shady&L.S.E

THE ANOINTED SONG WHICH HAS BLESSED MANY AROUND THE WORLD. ALSO NOMINATED AND AWARD WINNING SONG.The message and visuals of this music video is to tell you to stop struggling in life,get to know the holy spirit for yourself personally as a child of God and to you who is broken and lost,receive him into your life by believing and confessing Jesus as your lord and saviour.There's nothing we can do without you Holy spirit,the holy spirit answers to the name Jesus.he said call on to me and I will answer you.Read John 14:16-17,18...Glory!!!!!!Thank you lord for this great video and what it's doing in the lives of many all around the world.Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!love y'[email protected]#Jesusmusic#Team JMM#l.s.e band#l.s.e records#NKACC#the Word

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