God is Good by Christopher : WritingSongs4Jesus

This is my 1st Christian song I wrote after my second Sunday sermon back in our Lords life, as he's been all along in mine.
It feels good to be back seeking His love.

I'm a drummer who can strum a guitar, I do not claim to be a singer, lol ..
I love to write catchy little songs like this and I think that's what will mostly be uploaded on this GodTube account.

Thank you for listening ..
God Bless . . .



God is Good
His Son was Right
Every word He ever Said
Changed my Life
When Jesus Knocks
Get up off that Floor
Get your Mind Right
Then Go open the Door

I know God will forgive our sins, but I don't want to constantly burden Him.
I bet you as we cast out sin, Jesus Will Come Walking IN.


I know who made Heaven & Earth.
I know God had a plan at my birth.
If we live like Proverbs says, Jesus takes care of the rest.

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