God's Purpose (Video Jam)

This video jam titled "God's Purpose" comes from a sermon preached by Dr. Vincent G. Artese titled "Seeing Christ ".

Do you see Christ? When someone hears the message of the Gospel it causes conflict within. The Gospel reveals that all sinners are sick and the light of God's Word reveals all the darkness within the heart. The problem with religion during the time of Christ to the present day is that it promotes outward observance without one truly doing and acting upon God's Word. The call of the Gospel is to die as Christ died. This is why people choose not to follow Him and do not believe Him. In order for one to follow Christ their will must be what God wills, and their purpose must be in God. One must come to the realization that Christ must be exalted above everything else. All who truly believe is born of the Holy Spirit and God continues to purify them as they continue to follow Him by faith. Faith is essential to salvation. No one is saved through election or by works, but by faith. God gives seeds of faith but the seed must grow to the point of bearing fruit, and God provides all that is needed for a seed to grow and bear fruit. The question is what will you do with the seed of faith?

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