My Favorite 10 Theocracy Songs Of All Time

Theocracy is a Christian power metal band from Georgia.  The band started originally with Matt Smith the lead vocalist.  He formed the band on his own and created the first album, Theocracy, on his own.  Yes he played every single part on this album!  Drums, guitars, vocals, keyboards and everything else is all Matt Smith!  He is ridiculously talented!  Needless to say, when the rest of the band members joined Theocracy became a Christian mission to spread the good news globally.  I have so much respect for these guys!  Here are my favorite 10 songs of theirs with my favorite lyrics for each!

10. Sinner, Theocracy

Favorite Lyric – “Sin has tangled me.  My life is broken and I bleed eternally.  Grief's controlling me, so I cry out to the only One who can bring the healing that I need.”

9. Twist Of Fate, Theocracy

Favorite Lyric – “Tonight I sleep upon a bed of nails it seems.  For once again I am a field of war.  But it has long been written, all things work together perfectly for me, for I have been reborn!”

8. 30 Pieces Of Silver, As The World Bleeds

Favorite Lyric – “When all the world is asking you to sell your soul and to deny the cross for silver and for gold, the kiss of Judas or the bended knee?  Vain glory or humility?  The ultimate goal.”

7. Absolution Day, Mirror Of Souls

Favorite Lyric – “Adonai, I raise my hands to the sky in praise!  For You have taken my sin away!  Behold, today is my absolution day!”

6. Nailed, As The World Bleeds

Favorite Lyric – “Unworthiness is all I bring.  The blood of Christ is all I claim.  This grace revealed everything that my eyes have never seen before.”

5. Hide In The Fairytale, As The World Bleeds

Favorite Lyric – “If we are born in innocence, well, don’t you wonder why?  For selfishness already dwells inside.  The birthright of Adam; the curse of the old man.”

4. Laying The Demon To Rest, Mirror Of Souls

Favorite Lyric – “As the battle rages on and on I face the things that put my faith to the test.  When fallen angels won't leave me alone, Father, come and lay the demon to rest.”

3. Mirror Of Souls, Mirror Of Souls

Favorite Lyric – “The stranger smiled, and took my hand.  He said, ‘But you are wrong, my friend.  You cannot cross the gulf yourself, that's true.’  He led me down toward the edge and pointed just over the ledge and said, ‘Behold, I built a bridge for you.’"

2. Wages Of Sin, Mirror Of Souls (Japanese Release)

Favorite Lyric – “Death has kissed the lives we knew so isn't that enough for you?  The price was paid, and no one has to pay it again!  For the payment is made!  The payment is made!”

1. I Am, As The World Bleeds

This song is definitely their best one for me!  It is sung as if God was singing to us, which He does! (Zephaniah 3:17)  I usually post the entire song for my number one but this one has a lot of lyrics, so here are 2 portions of this masterpiece!

“I am the heart of the righteous desire and the fourth man you see in the midst of the fire
I am the giver of life and the promise of Israel
I am the hope of the lonely and lost in the blood running down to the foot of the cross
I am the breaking of chains and the tolling of freedom’s bell
I am the notes that eternally ring in the music too holy for angels to sing
I am the fire on the altar consuming the sacrifice
I am the three and yet I am the one in the grace of the Father and death of the Son
I am the one who redeemed you by paying the highest price”

“I am humility, the One who laid it all aside
Traded a crown of kings for a crown of thorns, betrayed by human pride
I am humanity, took on your curse and all your pain
I am divinity, eternity, forever I remain

I am your guilty scars, as Roman soldiers tear My back
I am the crimson stain that washes all the souls faded to black
I am the one who bled in silence and endured it all
I am the Word who spoke no word, with a thousand angels waiting for My call

I am your covenant
Your hero in these bloodstained pages
I am your guilt, your sin
Your debt fulfilled for all the ages”


These are my 10 favorite songs by Theocracy.  If you love power metal then these guys are a must!  They are so skilled and they are on fire for God!  God bless!

Article by Derek Hill

I am a Christian blogger with passions in music, games and news. I enjoy all kinds of music, with my favorite being Christian metal(all kinds). Some of my favorite bands are The Devil Wears Prada,  Living Sacrifice(1997-present), and Becoming the Archetype. I enjoy many kinds of games including 1st/3rd person shooters, platformers, RPG’s and many more. I am a big fan of the multiplayer online games including the Call of Duty franchise of games. I have been saved since I was 9 years old. I am also a father of 2 beautiful children and I love it!