Bible Trivia Games: 5 To Check Out

I always look forward to meeting in small group Bible studies with people from church.  We always have a great time digging into the Word of God and discussing passages from it.  While we are together, we try to make time for a fun activity too.  Bible trivia games are a great way to have fun and playful banter back and forth.  Here are 5 Bible trivia games worth checking out.

Bible Charades

Bible charades is a game that you can make yourself.  All you need is 3 x 5 note cards.  The categories that I recommend are people, places and things.  For the “people” category, pick famous characters from the Bible such as: Moses, Abraham, David and Jesus.  For the “places” category, pick places that can be acted out such as: Heaven, Hell or the Red Sea.  For the “Things” category, pick out anything from the Bible you want such as: animals, weapons, armor, plagues or miracles.   Each person has 2 or 3 minutes to act out what is on their card.  If their team guesses correctly, they get a point.  Play to 10 points.  May the best team win!

Scattergories: Bible Edition

If you have played the regular game of Scattergories before, than you already know how to play this one.  This game has a die with the letters of the alphabet on it.  After rolling the die to see which letter to use, you must use that letter at the beginning of every answer on your list of 10 categories.  For example if the category said, “Name for the Holy Spirit” and you have rolled the letter “I”, then you would write something like “Intercessor”.  Think fast before the timer runs out.  If you haven’t completed your list of 10 categories before the time runs out then you must stop writing.  After the time is up, each person then says what they wrote for each answer.  If your answer matches someone else’s, than it must be scratched off and no points are rewarded.  If your answer is the only one of its kind than you get points for it.  The answers you will hear in this game are sure to give you some good laughs!

Mad Gab: Bible Edition

This game is a real hoot! Each card has words on it that the reader says out loud. One example is “Mow Says”. The reader says these words and it should sound something like “Moses”. Each round the reader picks 3 cards that their team tries to guess correctly. Get ready for some serious laughter as you watch teams guess the most ridiculous things. One word to sum this up would be “HILLARIOUS”!

Cranium: Bible Edition

Like Scattergories, this is the Bible version of the game, Cranium.  There are 4 categories of cards in this game appealing to different skill sets.  One is for acting, one is for wordsmiths, one is for artists and the last is for the thinkers.  If your team guesses correctly what is on your card, then you move forward on the game board.  This game is also hilarious as you hear people hum songs way out of tune or watch your fellow artists make sculptures of Babylon that look like hot dogs.  This game is great for Bible studies or for the family.  Get ready to laugh with this one!

Bible Trivia Application

This App for your smart phone is a great way to test your knowledge of the Bible.  When you start a game you have the choice of picking to guess 10 questions, 20 questions, 50 questions, unlimited questions, or unlimited questions until you guess incorrectly 5 times.  This game has varied questions.  Some are easy, some are average difficulty and some are hard.  You never know which type of question will come next.  Each question has 4 answers to pick with only one being correct.  One question in this game is, “Where was Paul when he wrote the Epistle of the Ephesians?  A. Prison, B. Island of Patmos, C. Tarsus, or D. On a mission trip.  Do you know the answer?  This is a great App for the smart phone.  You will learn a lot about the Bible from it and it is a great way to refresh your knowledge of the Bible quickly.


These are only 5 of the many great games made about the Bible.  You will have a lot of fun playing these with your family, friends, small group, or by yourself (The Bible Trivia App).  So, get out there with your  fellow Christian brothers and sisters and spend time in the Word and make some time for fun with one of these great games too!  God bless!

Resources- The Holy Bible, English Standard Version“Scripture quotations are from The Holy Bible, English Standard Version® (ESV®), copyright © 2001 by Crossway, a publishing ministry of Good News Publishers. Used by permission. All rights reserved.”,, photo credit: Mike Overall via photopin cc