Today's Devotional

Looking Back
What steps can you take to help you remember what God has instructed?

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Total "Jesus Power"

1st set of "Jesus Power" 30 minute workout. 1st of my 180 Chest Curl, 13 reps 2340 pounds, Back Arms 18 rep 3240 pounds and 10 reps each arm 80 pound dumbells.
I was chosen to become Gods' Athlete April of 2003. I was also chosen to become the "Strongest Man" in the world because of Christ Jesus. I was placed on a "Mission" to reveal that God through the "Sprirt" of Jesus Christ can enable weight loss and Natural Muscle Mass and Power. I take on all comers. The Jesus Power 30 minute workout has 3 set and you may use as much weight as you desire, but remeber if you hit 180 then you must compete with me!!!

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