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Part 1 -- BFTBC – History of Fundamentalism Class #8 –Presbyterian Seminaries and Fundamentalism

BFTBC – History of Fundamentalism Class #8 –Presbyterian Seminaries and Fundamentalism

History of Fundamentalism Class of the Bible For Today Baptist Church
900 Park Avenue, Collingswood, NJ 08108

--Text Book In Pursuit of Purity By Dr. David O. Beale--

Pastor Daniel S. Waite covered pages 127-134 on October 24, 2014, at Bible For Today Baptist Church
1. On what have Presbyterians historically and traditionally placed a high value (Beale, 127)?

2. Sadly, what happened when the Presbyterian seminaries drifted into liberalism (Beale, 127)?

3. Name the Xenia Theological Seminary professor who wrote Studies in the Mosaic Institutions and pioneered the Bible conference movement (Beale, 128).

4. What Pittsburgh seminary was once known as the “Princeton of the West” by the Presbyterian Church in the USA (Beale, 129)?

5. How many years did it take Western Theological Seminary to fall into liberalism (Beale, 129)?

6. What type of reputation did Western Theological Seminary once have especially when compared to Princeton Theological Seminary (Beale, 129)?

7. What Western faculty member wrote books defending and explaining Calvinism (Beale, 129)?

8. (1) What doctrine did Benjamin B. Warfield, (1851-1921) defend, (2) what subject did he teach at Western Theological Seminary, and (3) to what central New Jersey seminary did he move in 1887 (Beale, 129)?

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