Another Day

The suicide rate among farmers in drought-stricken Australia has risen to an all-time high.
With no significant rainfall for the past two years in more than 70% of Queensland and 62% of New South Wales, farm incomes have been hard hit, with farmers left struggling to cope.
The suicide rate is said to have increased sixfold.
In Queensland alone, one farmer takes his life every four weeks and a third of farmers are said to be in a state of depression.
Estimates of the growing toll on livestock suggest that up to 10,000 animals are dying every day.
Desperate tales are emerging from the two regions. One grazier shot his 400 malnourished cattle after the farm finally ran out of feed, then he took his own life.
He tried to have the animals moved elsewhere but was told they were too weak to travel.

Saturday 22 February 2014

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