Bar-Kowino Well Project

In a small village called Bar-Kowino, near Bondo township in Kenya, there are 38 orphans our church has been supporting for the past few years. The villagers do not have a safe source of water. They trek down to a water hole shared with the livestock and get their daily water supplies. It is the women and children who fetch the water. They use chlorine to try and kill the bacteria in the water but it does not get rid of the taste or smell. Recently a group of parishoners from our church have come together to plan a well for the village. We are holding events to raise the funds needed to build the well and have been spreading the word on the internet to help with the funding. You can check us out at KenyaWell.COM. We plan to travel to Kenya in February to help dril the well, install the pump and establish a market garden so that the villagers can sell the produce to fund the well maintenance.

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