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Fingerprints of Creation - Dr. Robert Gentry

Fingerprints of Creation Fingerprints is based on the book Creation's Tiny Mystery. It details the nature of polonium halos and how they provide evidence that the Earth was rapidly formed and did not cool over millions of years. The video, shot mostly in CA takes the viewer to picturesque Yosemite NP around Palm Springs and Bishop where granites are plainly visible. Three-dimensional graphic animations are included to help convey the process of halo formation from nuclear particles. Instrumentation similar to that used to gather the published data on the polonium halos is shown along with simple demonstrations which illustrate the basic concepts of a short-lived nuclear emitter. Dr. Gentry explains the history of the origin of granite and scientists' attempts to arrive at a universally accepted model of its formation.

The companion book, Creation's Tiny Mystery, can also be read online in its entirety:">

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