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The CHRIS WICKEY Christian Testimony: Part 2 of 2

Chris Wickey had been made aware a number of times that TODAY we need to get right with Jesus Christ, because we do not have tomorrow promised to us, but he STILL felt like that could be done just before he died. (Amazing how we can deceive ourselves). Giving all to Jesus Christ was something that could wait. Besides, at the time, giving ALL his heart to Jesus did not seem to him that it would bring much happiness. Chris desperately wanted happiness.<br />

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Chris eventually discovered that God simply was not going to allow him to be happy for very long until he was willing to surrender to God FULLY. Thus Chris did, and that is when he began to experience lasting happiness. However, not without many painful trials mixed with the happiness.<br />

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If you have never turned your life over completely to Jesus Christ, we highly encourage you to listen to this testimony.<br />

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If you HAVE turned your life over to Jesus Christ, and you are being faithful to what God has called you to do, but you are not seeing much if any results from it, God ministers mightily through Chris to encourage believers to remain faithful in what God has called them to do, because as scripture promises, they WILL reap, if they simply do not quit their call.<br />

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This is an awesome testimony for Christians who are discouraged! Give it a try, especially if you are struggling with discouragement regarding the will of God for your life.

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