Is JESUS all that you need?

When things in our lives cause us to feel we're at the end of our ropes, that there's nothing to get us through these painful and unyielding lessons that life throws our way, we need to remember that there was ONE who bought it all back for us. Who freed us, and washed us clean from our sins with HIS blood. JESUS is our foothold in these times when all trouble attempts to break us. We must cleave to HIM, learn from HIS examples and teachings, and believe HE knows the best approach in how to handle us. I wish us all continued lessons through turbulent waters and trials which break our vessels so the ONE who first created us will rebuild us to accept HIS will, plan, and purpose for the life HE created us to have for HIS glorification, honor, and praise HE so truly and righteously deserves. God bless everyone.

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