rm-Christian Dance Co.- Song: Hallelujah!- by: Seawind

2nd - Uploaded - Dance Video: Song: Hallelujah! by:: SEAWIND
-Album Name: Window of a Child -
- To Know the basic story about this 80's Professional Christian Dance Company (Pioneers at the time), please read my blurb on the first Dance Video I Uploaded, - Andrae Crouch song -Performed by 1980 Christian Dance Co." (That song was called: "I've Got The Best", from Andrae Crouch's Album: "I'll Be Thinking Of You", which I THINK he won a Grammy Award. ***** IMPORTANT *** Sometimes the Music and Video get Jerky and out of Sync, sometimes when you play it a second time, it is more in Sync. ** I keep trying different Editing Programs and Formats to try to improve quality and to keep the Music and Dance in Sync - "PRAY for Me!" (hehe) (The format I am uploading now is .RM - Real Player - but may have to Upload it in another format if the Sync and quality of this one is not at least livable. ;) - This Dance Number is about ... Well here are most of the Lyrics which tells the story very well! -- To me this song is TIMELESS!

- One day an old man, as the story goes
- Was walkin' along tired, and feelin' the Cold.
- He stopped to wonder, where his life had gone.
- It was near the END, and he knew he couldn't go ON!
- And with a Tear in his eye, he looked in the sky above him.
- And said if anyone can hear me, I'm SORRY I lied,
- Can someone please Help me?? ... I'm Afraid to Die! (They probley, don't hear me)
- Just THEN the THUNDER .. (I can't make out this part of the lyrics, but maybe you can!)
- And RIGHT before his eyes an ANGEL APPEARED!
- Now the man was shaken, with Fear clean through,
- As the ANGEL said "MAN ... we got work to DO, Yeah, Yeah!
- The Lord up above wants to MEET ya!,
- He's heard EVERY word you said, He sent me right down here to Greet Ya!,
- Because YOU'RE not gonna DIE ... but INSTEAD ......
- YOU! , ... will have life for livin',
- YOU! , ... will

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