in this place,I will give peace

unique in Britain, is Pluscarden Benedictine Abbey, near Elgin.<br />
It is the only medieval monastery in Britain still inhabited by monks and being used for its original purpose.<br />
Pluscarden Abbey as we know it today owes its foundation to King Alexander II of Scotland in the year 1230.Committed to no external duties,in order to devote their lifes to prayer for Salvation of Souls, and to corporate Worship of Jesus, the living Son of God ,the monks of Pluscarden conceive their primary service to lie in prayer, regular observance,and the common life.Pluscarden has chosen to keep Latin in the Mass and the Divine Office of praise, except for the readings. The whole office, the opus Dei as drawn by St. Benedict, has moreover been retained and apart from Vigils, is sung, with the community Mass as the liturgical point of focus; as well as grace in the refectory together with such devotions as are prompted by the season. When not at work in the grounds, or at the crafts which are carriedon in workshops and studios, the monks are employed either in the domestic jobs which inevitably take up the day in a monastery which does not engage paid labour or in the lectio (meditative reading and study) to which St. Benedict gives much prominence in his Rule. Thus the monks do their own laundry, mending, cooking, painting, repairing and maintenance generally.

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