The X-Girls Live in an Imaginary World....

I guess the title is a little generic....this is ACTUALLY more about Danielle Moonstar, X23, Amara, Rogue, and Kitty than the X-Girls in general. There's also a bit of Rahne and Storm thrown in there too, because they sorta fit the song. This was originally planned to be a Kitty trib, but I was pretty "eh" on that. And then it was going to be a Danielle Moonstar trib, but I didn't have enough clips. And THEN it might have been an X23 trib, but once again I had a lack of clips. So it's a Danielle/X23/Rogue/Amara/Kitty/Rahne/Storm tribute! :) Anywaaaaays, I am LOVING the beginning! Oh, and I own NOTHING.

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