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The Womb of Truth

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Welcome to part one of Apostle Erics October 3, 2008 live radio Broadcast. What is truth? That question was asked by Pontius Pilate who weighed truth on the scale of his own moral code, which is a prejudiced truth. All his education, influences, philosophy for peace and security, and experiences of life became his truths and when he finally came face to face with the Truth he had this question, What is the truth? (John 18:38).<br />
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It is obvious that Pilate did not possess truth. The truth he was facing (Jesus Christ) was not the same truth we was embracing. The truth Pilate was talking to was not the truth he was familiar with, so he asked, What is truth? Many Christians find themselves in the same place as Pilate, asking, What is truth?<br />
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In this video Apostle Eric teaches that truth is not a scripture in and of itself, it is a whole culture. It is an eco system. And as all eco systems there is an environment that is protected by certain laws which cannot be violated. As we see in the environmental issues today and the concern about global warming. There are certain violations and laws that have been broken that is setting a pattern for self destruction. Well, thats the truth of the world. But there are parallels to the truth of God. All the ingredients of truth must be present to receive the expected outcome, which is fruit towards God, which is what it means to be born of God. <br />
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The system of God. . .the truth of God. . . is like a womb and that womb provides the environment that is favorable for the development of a baby. The truth of God is also an environment, it is a system that produces an offspring. And Jesus is producing an offspring, the fruit of the Spirit in you every day when you are in covenant with Him. This is what Apostle John is bringing out in his epistle when he talks about being born of God (1Jn

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