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King of the Sunrise
How are you declaring the glory of God in your life?

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A Worship Experience - it's Powerful!

A Worship Experience: I AM: 365 Names of God - This special videowas created for personal worship. Once shared with family and friends, many were getting healed and restored through the power of God shown through this video.rnThe video contains a special narration of - I AM - by John Paul Jackson, music by Graham Ord in the background and video by Anthony Reinglas. The video contains many clips from the NASA Hubble telescope, underwater scenes and many other relative shots and pictures; additionally the audio contains special subliminal overlays that affirm many scriptures throughout the entire video. So, you are getting the 365 names of God spoken to you, while the names and affirmations are shown on the screen over the beautiful scenery with a worship song low in the background, during all this, scriptures are being said subliminally... The result? A power packed worship experience. experience the small clip from the DVD FREE here and now. Find out more at for the full 90 minute version.<br />

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