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Seeing is Disbelieving
How does God’s promise in Deuteronomy 1:30-31 encourage and prepare you to fight for what’s true?

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Part 3 -- BFTBC – History of Fundamentalism Class #3 –The Scofield Bible and The Fundamentals

BFTBC – History of Fundamentalism Class #3 –The Scofield Bible and The Fundamentals

History of Fundamentalism Class of the Bible For Today Baptist Church
900 Park Avenue, Collingswood, NJ 08108

--Text Book In Pursuit of Purity By Dr. David O. Beale--

Pastor Daniel S. Waite covered pages 23-33 on September 12, 2014, at Bible For Today Baptist Church

10. (1) What prominent, world renown, Chicago preacher encouraged Scofield to take the pastorate of the Congregational Church of East Northfield, Massachusetts, and (2) what were the years Scofield served this congregation?

11. What are the names of the two editors of the Scofield Bible who maintained a posttribulational view of when the rapture would occur?

12. (1) How many dispensations are mentioned in the Scofield Bible? (2) Please name at least two of them?

13. With what did many fundamentalist associate the church of Laodicea (Colossians 4:13-16; Revelation 1:11) due in part to the influence of the Scofield Bible?

14. (1) What popular study Bible was revised both in 1917 and agin in 1967? (2) What are the differences between these revisions?

15. What co-founder and vice president of Hardison and Stewart Oil Company was the genius behind The Fundamentals?

16. (1) In what year did Lyman Stewart attend the Bible Conference at Niagara, and (2) what else happened in his life that same year?

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