Kids Are Turning Soda Bottles With Aluminum Foil Into Dangerous Prank

Kids Are Turning Soda Bottles With Aluminum Foil Into Dangerous Prank

Police officers are warning the public about a dangerous prank involving soda bottles and aluminum foil.

Kids are known for getting into harmless mischief, but a new craze is prompting authorities to take serious action. A neighborhood in Pendleton, Indiana was the recent victim of what police are calling ‘Drano bombs.’

It seems that teens are taking soda bottles and filling them with aluminum foil and drain cleaner. When the bottle is shaken, it causes a chemical reaction to occur and the bottle to explode.

Security cameras on one residence capture a young man walking up a front porch for a 2-liter bottle in hand. He begins to shake the bottle before leaving it on the porch and quickly running away.

Within seconds, the bottle causes a large explosion. Other similar incidents were reported in the area. One neighbor described the situation as, “Just some stupid teenagers not really understanding the consequences of what could happen.”

The explosion can be very dangerous and cause burns and cuts to an unsuspecting victim. Now, police are saying that if you spot a bottle with aluminum foil inside, do not pick it up. While it may seem like trash, this everyday item could be a Drano bomb just waiting for it’s next victim.

If you see something like this, be sure to call the police and wait until they arrive and can thoroughly inspect the object. This is such an important warning and it could truly save someone from serious injury or damage.