Bleak Midwinter

Few carols can express the quiet heart of Christmas more movingly than this exquisitely melancholy and evocative carol. The poignant and simple tune by Gustav Holst in this version has an introduction and closing melody adapted from John Field. Even though it is a carol, the scene and music would be appropriate beyond Christmas Day into the later part of the season such as in the month of January. See the file "winter look" for a silent version designed as a loop.

This is a video without voice or text because it is made for listening with the option of adding a bell choir for use as a performance if desired, without having a leader showing color cards. The changing colors in the left and right upper portions of the stained glass ("shield" shapes) are cues to playing of bells if used.

Note to bell leader: The system used is: low C=dark red, D=orange, E=yellow, F=green, G=light blue, A=dark blue, B=purple, and high C=light red. The bells will change about every 4 beats in groups of 2 colors and when resting the shields return to the original white. Sections without any bells are intro from 0:00 to 00:39, an interlude from 1:48-2:12, and coda from 2:36-3:03.

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