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Yair Davidiy #10 The Notzrim, and the Lost Tribes of Israel

Yair Davidiy, Orthodox Jewish scholar, foremost researcher on the lost tribes of Israel and author of "The Tribes" addresses the meaning of the word "Notzrim" which in its ancient roots gives a meaning of "watchman", "sentry" or a "safekeep". This word is used in modern Hebrew to describe Christians and back through time came from "of the Nazarene". Yair explains that there are some Jewish commentators that hold to the belief that the Lost Ten Tribes, when they are found, will be practicing some form of Christianity. Yair also points out that the Holy Scriptures identify the Lost Tribes as drinking excessive amounts of alcohol . This limits the scope in our search for the lost tribes and narrows it down to certain geographical areas of the earth. The discussion goes on to bring up the issue of the 'drunkards of Ephraim'. The lost tribes are repeatedly rebuked by the prophets for engaging in gross pagan and materialistic idolatry along with eating pork or 'swineflesh'.

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