Singing Waiter Serenades Grandma And Moves Her To Tears

Singing Waiter Serenades Grandma And Moves Her To Tears

This singing waiter truly gives a new meaning to dinner and show. We’ve all been out to eat at restaurants and some service stands out more than others. We might remember a great meal or good conversation. This waiter wanted to make sure that his patrons had a moment to remember and that’s exactly what happened.

This talented young man is earning praises all around for his recent performance during the evening shift. In the video clip, you can see him stand up in the middle of the restaurant and start to belt out an Italian tune. But what really made this moment special is when an elderly woman approached the singer.

He immediately took her hand and started to serenade the grandma with his incredible voice. They both sway along to the music and it’s obvious that they are having a wonderful time together. The young waiter even puts his arm around her as he hits all the right notes. That is when this grandma was overcome with emotion and had to remove her glasses to wipe away the tears.

This is definitely something that you don’t see everyday and a voice like this is truly one to remember. No wonder this singing waiter earned a standing ovation from the whole crowd. I am betting this woman is going to be talking about this meal and special serenade for years to come.

What do you think? Who else wishes that they could eat at a restaurant like this every day?

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