Lowe's Stranger Gives Crying Woman Last Generator

Lowe's Stranger Gives Crying Woman Last Generator

Florida resident Pam Brekke had spent days searching for a generator before Hurricane Irma came through. Pam's father is on oxygen, so she wanted to be prepared in case they lost power due to the storm.

Generators have been selling out in stores all over as the weather approaches and Pam has had not been able to find one. Pam was in line to get a generator at a Lowe's store when they gave the very last one to the person in front of her.

She immediately broke down in tears in the middle of the store. That's when Ramon Santiago, another customer, noticed Pam crying and approached her. He selflessly gave her his generator and the two embraced.

This Good Samaritan didn't even know Pam's story, but he stepped up anyways. What an amazing show of kindness!

THANK YOU, ABC World News Tonight with David Muir, for showing America the GOOD in Central Florida. Seek out the love...

Posted by Nancy Alvarez, WFTV on Thursday, September 7, 2017