'Praying Wife' Christian Song From Bobby McGee

'Praying Wife' Christian Song From Bobby McGee

Bobby McGee, also known as ChristSong, shares the moving music video for ‘Praying Wife.’ The lyrics of this song speak to the importance of a wife who wholeheartedly loves her husband.

“And I’m thankful by grace that we’ve made it
We’ve come through the storms and the strife.
I’m forever and eternally grateful
For the love of a praying wife.”

Bobby wrote this beautiful song for his wife, Nan. This talented singer knows all about the importance of a supportive wife.

Bobby spent 22 years in prison. While incarcerated, he turned to God and became a Christian. Now, Bobby spreads the Lord’s message through his incredible music and leading a prison ministry outreach.

When speaking about the idea behind this unique music video, Bobby wrote on his YouTube page, “The video takes a twist on the tale, contemplating the totality of life and of staying committed to a spouse's spirit, so we have dedicated this video to all widows and widowers, as well as those who have lost children. Let us keep each other in our prayers.”

From the artist: Based in the 1800's at historical sites in Virginia, this story shows the devoted love of a wife for her husband, in life and beyond life. www.GiveSendGo.com/ChristSong <---- Our non-profit travels the country to deliver worship services and music to inmates needing to hear the voice of Christ.

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