Elderly Best Friends Perform Surprising Balancing Act Audition

Elderly Best Friends Perform Surprising Balancing Act Audition

Elderly best friends Edson and Leon perform a balancing act that surprised all the judges on America’s Got Talent.

These two men met nearly fourteen years ago. These Brazilians both shared a mutual love of performing so they decided to combine their efforts and work together.

Now, 84-year-old Leon and 54-year-old Edson are showing that age cannot hold you back from pursuing your dreams. This duo stepped onto the stage in business suits, so no one knew quite what their act would be. After a brief introduction, the men moved to the middle of the stage and the music started.

Everyone looked a bit apprehensive until Leon and Edson removed their coats and started to perform a jaw-dropping balancing routine. Edson acts as the base as Leon is lifted up in the air with ease. Both of these men are considered elderly, but there is nothing in this routine that supports this claim. This is the perfect example of why age is just a number. Once the music stopped, the entire theater was on their feet in applause.

Not only does an act like this time a considerable amount of time and practice, but it’s physically demanding as well. Simon Cowell had nothing but praise for the entertaining duo. “This was a surprise. It was exactly why we created this show, to find people like you. This was genuinely one of my favorite acts.”

The pair easily earns four ‘yes’ votes from the judges and they will move on to the next round of competition. You go guys!