A Parrot's Cries For Help Prompt Neighbor To Call The Police

A Parrot's Cries For Help Prompt Neighbor To Call The Police

The sheriff’s office in Palm Beach County were in for a surprise when their emergency call ended up being a talking parrot. It started as a routine call for these police officers when they received a report about a woman yelling and screaming for help at a neighbor’s house.

On Facebook, the sheriff’s office wrote, “Our Deputies in Lake Worth Beach came to the help of someone screaming for help. Hilarity ensued.” When they arrived on scene, a man was outside and happily greeted the officers.

He later said, “I was changing the brakes on my wife's car and had my 40-year-old parrot, Rambo, on his outside perch where he sings and talks. Sometime later four police officers showed up saying a neighbor called because she heard a woman screaming for help.”

Rambo’s owner has had the parrot for over four decades. He shared that when he was a child, Rambo lived in a cage. That’s when he taught Rambo how to say “Help, help, let me out!” Flash forward to the present and Rambo started yelling this phrase while outside.

A nearby neighbor heard the screams and mistook it for a woman in danger. Needless to say, everyone got a good laugh out of the situation and the neighbor has now been formally introduced to Rambo.

Now, the video has been viewed over 2 million times online and continues to make everyone laugh out laugh. This is definitely a story that everyone involved is going to be telling for years to come.

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