Democracy in America part 2

I need to add I kept talking when my camera kept rolling so some is cut out...I did ask though People please tell me where is Dr. Ron Paul? why is he not campaigning more for you? He has your money yet I never see him? Like I said I am not anti Ron Paul, just a concerned citizen asking legit questions. I wouldnt put it behind the media just never showing us clips of him, very possbily could be, but someone please reference me to the link so I can see him on the campaign trail.

I also start by speaking of the Fairtax...its a 23 percent national sales tax...but i state that the on average 22 percent embedded tax in our goods will come down due to Competition...They will have to make good cheaper...No longer is the middle man being screwed....price goes down and we get our whole check...not all that simple...but I am pretty sure Governor Huckabee has done more research then myself...

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