Mystic: Plato And Aristotles Impact On Todays Christianity

Plato and Aristotle have philosophically divided two differing perspectives of thought. These differing ideas have huge impact on how we view Christianity today. This is huge. Here is the first of two videos. Plato sought truth in the universal clarity of the perfect "idea." In this case both Chair and God are used. This is the gut instictual emotive truth. I know it before I can prove it. Aristotle claims truth lies in the empirical understanding. He puts everything in boxes and catagories to contain all truth. If you can hear it, taste it, smell it, see it or touch it... there is a box it can go into. When we examine the two versions of truth when it comes to spiritual or conceptual ideas, we find the distinctions between spiritual Christianity and religion. I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to view more at thanks for watching. Scott Coombe

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