Adult Lullaby Therapy - Kum Ba Yah

If you have amplified speakers on you computer, turn down the bass or the heartbeat will be too loud.Then play this soothing Heartbeat Lullaby to reduce stress and get your mind
off what is bothering you. Nurses, social workers and clinical
psychologists and others have discovered the Heartbeat Lullabies gives comfort and relief to people suffering from Anxiety, Insomnia, Dementia, Alzheimer's, PTSD and Chronic Pain. The song is sung by Ruby Tiegs and Lenny Le Blanc to a sound track with a human heartbeat rhythm and visual inspirational quotes. Believers can experience a peace that passes all understanding and be free from fear, worry, stress and pain. Listen FREE to six Heartbeat Lullabies to discover whether they calm you. You can also read reasons why it works to relax, mood alter and change your attitude quicker than any other relaxation music.

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