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25 Week Preemie Boy's Journey

This was a year of many blessings, and miracles. In may I (Lauren), gave birth to a premature baby boy, born 100 days early, weighing 1lb 6 ounces due to pre-eclampsia. Noah Ryan became the new addition to our family. From the beginning God has answered our prayers at every up and down. Noah proved to be a fighter and was on life support for months, we almost lost him a couple times and I begged God not to take my son from me and to guide me into his will. After 5 months of little change, we transferred Noah to Hope hospital, and that's when they discovered a large cyst in his bronchial tube. Once removed he greatly improved ! His life alone is such an answer to prayer! He went from being dependent on a ventilator to cpap to nasal cannula! He went though 5 blood transfusions, multiple Ivs, steroid injections, multiple wires and tubes attached to him, living at a hospital for a total of 166 days! Then miraculously on Nov 8th 2011 our million dollar baby came home!

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