You decide - Fireflight feat Josh Brown

You decide - Fireflight feat Josh Brown


Song:You decide

Album: The Healing of Harms (2006)

Origin Eustis, Florida

Genre(s) Post-grunge

Alternative metal

Christian rock

Years active 1999 - present

Label(s) Sony BMG/Flicker

Eight Track

Band members

Dawn Richardson - lead vocals

Wendy Drennen - bass guitar and vocals

Justin Cox - guitar and background vocals

Glenn Drennen - guitar

Phee Shorb - drums

Guitarists Justin and Glenn had gone to school together. Glenn had the idea to start a band with Wendy (Glenn's wife and bassist) and Justin. They were then in need of a singer. Glenn and Wendy went to Glenn's younger brother's graduation and heard Dawn (lead singer) sing during the service for it, they asked her to be in the group and she agreed to do it. The band was looking for a drummer at this point. Through a mutual friend they met Phee, who agreed to play drums.

For their first show, they didn't even have a name for the band, after thinking a while, Dawn suggested the name "Fireflight" because it sounded cool. The name Fireflight has no meaning, as suggested by the band in an interview with Jesus Freak Hideout.

After years of touring (it is estimated they play 140 shows every year), they released their debut album The Healing of Harms in 2006 with two #1 singles "You Decide" and "Waiting". The song "You Decide", featuring Josh Brown of Day of Fire, was the top request at TVU music television in August 2006. The song was the second most played song on Christian Rock radio stations according to the September 1, 2006 R&R magazine airplay chart. The song peaked at #11 on the R&R Christian Hit Radio charts on October 23, 2006, and at #1 on the Christian Radio Weekly chart. "You Decide" was also was in the Top 25 of 2006 for the network radio station Air1.