Exposing A Trojan Horse

This video was put together by The National Alliance of Christian Home Education Leadership and you can purchase the full version from most state Christian homeschooling organizations, such a CHAP - Christian Homeschool Association of Pennsylvania. https://secure.chaponline.com/trojanhorse.html

Government-funded programs for home educators are enticing. They provide free materials and educational experiences to home educating families. But what price do parents pay to participate in these programs? Is there a cost to the homeschooling movement?

Are we welcoming a Trojan Horse into our midst through these programs? What will be the impact on the future generations of Christian home educators? Exposing a Trojan Horse interviews leaders of Christian state homeschool organizations, researchers, and parents to uncover the hidden costs of parents participating in government-funded programs for home educators. This powerful DVD exposes the dangers of government-funded homeschooling.

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