Restaurant Helps Save Woman After Receiving 'Call Police' Message On Takeout Order

Restaurant Helps Save Woman After Receiving 'Call Police' Message On Takeout Order

Would you contact the police if someone sent a poorly worded note? Well in this case, it saved a life. A restaurant helps save a woman after receiving a ‘call police’ message on a takeout order. It was in the early morning hours, around 5 a.m. when an order came into the Chipper Truck Cafe in Yonkers in New York. It was a Grubhub order that had additional instructions. Instead of having instructions like, ‘use back door,’ or please add extra onions, this note instructed the servers to ‘call the police but don't make it obvious.’ 

Instead of ignoring the note, the servers took the instructions seriously. They could tell, the person who wrote the note was in danger and they wrote the note in a hurry. What they didn’t know was that a 24-year-old woman had been kidnapped and assaulted by a 32-year-old man.

The woman who was rescued from this terrible nightmare was able to get her captor to agree to ordering food because she convinced him she was hungry and needed to eat. The owner of the store is relieved her employees stepped in and helped. She said she values her customers and trains her employees to pay attention to the extra instructions because she doesn’t want to mess up anyone’s order. “We could see that it was someone that was in distress,” said the owner Alice Bermejo.

Let’s praise God for a life saved from what could've been a terrible ending. May we remember that anyone working in the food service industry can be a lifeline. A friend of the woman who was rescued called the restaurant to thank them for saving the woman’s life and to thank them for taking action to help their friend. Now this tragic story is going viral because we all hope it can be a tool to save someone else’s life too. A message is worth a thousand words if we’re willing to pay attention!

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