School Teacher With Powerhouse Vocals Delivers Unforgettable X Factor Audition

School Teacher With Powerhouse Vocals Delivers Unforgettable X Factor Audition

This is a stunning audition. A school teacher with powerhouse vocals delivers an unforgettable X Factor audition.

Melissa Pedro is a 27-years-old primary teacher. She is so excited to be auditioning for the X-Factor. Simon asks if her students know that she is auditioning and she shares that they do. 

There is then a sweet clip of her family. They tell Melissa to imagine that she is in the classroom. She shares that she has sung on and off for years, but has not had the time to sing in a while due to motherhood. 

As Melissa begins to sing, she has such emotion and power. The judges are immediately intrigued. Melissa has depth and natural vibrato. Her husband and sons are watching from a screen and appear to be so proud of her. 

They are smiling at her audition. She has a sultry voice and such great vocal control. While she is on the screen others cheer for her performance. 

Melissa tears up after she is done. Simon asks her what her students wanted her to say and she replies, “We’ve got all yeses.” Simon says, “You’ve got all yeses.” Melissa jumps up and down with excitement. 

They tell her this is an audition they will remember. After, she goes up to shake their hands and runs out to hug and kiss her husband and two sons. It is a precious moment for this woman.

Watching Melissa sing shows us the beauty and emotion that comes from a song. Many of us have been gifted with unique voices. This audition reminds us that God gave us voices to glorify Him with and we can sing with our whole hearts.

“Because your love is better than life, my lips will glorify you. I will praise you as long as I live, and in your name, I will lift up my hands.” Psalm 63:3-4

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