Holy Hip Hop Awards 2007 Part 1

B.I.G.CI.T.Y, born Ronald Goodwin in Philadelphia, PA., started writing poetry following in his older brother’s footsteps. City has been rapping for over eight years starting with the Young Lions on to 13th Disciple, and now as a solo act. B.I.G.CI.T.Y believes in the supporting the efforts of young people and strives to make his community a better place to live day in and day out. He coaches High School Football at Cherry Hill West High School and Little League football Cherry Hill Midget Football. B.I.G.C.I.T.Y shares the scripture with believers and non-believers alike and can regularly be seen on his block talking to the kids. His first music video was even shot on the streets of his own neighborhood keeping real to where he’s from. The concept was developed by B.I.G.CI.T.Y and the video is currently airing on video shows across the country.

What Is Holy Hip Hop?

The lyrics of Holy Hip Hop often times provoke one to see themselves in light of the culture, and their relationship to their Master. Holy Hip Hop is a musical style that the devil could not own because the devil has never invented anything.

All music comes from God, and as such, it is man that perverts the creativity God has given. Somewhere someone heard a song by Bach and scoffed at its melody, its lyrics and cried "what is this profane sound" in the name of Almighty God. Yet to someone else, Bach touched the very heart of God and brought to the people a sound, a beautiful sound that spoke to their generation.

We invite you to listen to the various Holy Hip Hop artists, their musical styling and enjoy that which is sacred, not secular, that which is profound and not profane, and pray that these minstrels of God's kingdom would impact their generation with the revelation of who God is.

P.S. Join our Host, Philly's Praise 103.9FM radio personality and Blessed Cafe Television Host Big City on Friday, February 22, 2008 as we present Canton Jones and the Kingdom Business Tour wi

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