Chihuahua Breaks The Internet With Hilarious Reaction To Getting A Shot

Chihuahua Breaks The Internet With Hilarious Reaction To Getting A Shot

Get ready to laugh so hard you might make the people around you wonder what on earth is so funny. 

If you’re an animal lover, you’ll absolutely die over this sweet pup’s reaction. You won’t be the only one laughing over this viral video where a sweet, little chihuahua breaks the internet with his hilarious reaction to getting a shot. 

This video has had more than 1,360,000 views and there’s a good reason, he has the best facial expressions a dog could have. 

No one likes getting shots but this sweet little guy mirrors the grimace we all make when the nurse comes toward us with a shot prepped full of the medicine we need to stay healthy. This little guy was at the vet for a routine visit when it was noted he needed an update on one of his vaccines. 

Lucky for us, his owners were able to see just enough around the curtain to witness the care this little pup was getting. One of the techs seemed to have known he didn’t like shots. So instead of having him sitting on the exam table, they opted for the ‘hold and cuddle approach.’ 

Initially, this little fellow seemed calm while licking his lips, but as soon as the nurse approached, his face turned from a relaxed face enjoying all the cuddles to a wide-eyed look of utter shock of “What are you doing? Is that a needle? Lord, please help me,” face. His face turned into a full grimace as the needle came closer and closer until finally his snout was pulled back into a “No! You can’t be doing that,” look. 

His owner had to have been in stitches by this point because half of the internet was too. We all just about died from fits of laughter. But you know what they say, laughter is the best medicine even if it comes with a little pinch and sting.

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