Buddhism Topical Video (No God Necessary)

Siddhartha Gautama (563-483 BC), now known as Buddha ("awakened one"), is the founder of this religion. One day while sitting under a Bodhi tree in northern India, he suddenly experienced "enlightenment" or "awakening" realizing that souls have the illusion of being reincarnated and floating through eternity, bound in ignorance, and suffering senselessly in one body after another. Steve Morrison, Director of Research for Christian Answers of Austin, Texas, reviews the belief systems of Buddhism. Larry Wessels is Director of Christian Answers. Buddha taught what is called the "Four Noble Truths:" 1. The reality of suffering 2. The cause of suffering 3. The cessation of suffering and 4. The "middle way" - following the eightfold noble path. Buddha saw "God" as irrelevant in his stated mission to lead people in the purpose of life and salvation. Man's own efforts and works according to Buddha's prescription were the key, not believing in some particular god. Thus Buddhism can be considered kind of an "atheistic religion." The fourth largest religion in the world.

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