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Poem Video...HOLY WAR...Written By Timothy Jon Barrett

We are now in the last days and the Devil is trying to take down as many Christians as he can before that day arrives. The problem is we haven't been properly trained to fight such a battle. If you send a batallion of Green Berets into battle equipped with lolly pops, they're gonna get licked. But if you train them and send them in with M-16's and the right body armor then the casualties are far fewer and though they may lose a few battles here and there, but the War belongs to them. What we Christians must realize is that the War has been won already by Jesus and all we have to do is stand up tall by his side and take a few blows for the Cross if need be, stand back up and throw a few left jabs and a right cross so the Devil comes away knowing he's been in a scrape with a Holy Ghost believer. Let's all stand in one accord and show Jesus we're not a bunch of Christian Conscientious Objectors looking for a hole to crawl in.

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