Loretta Lynn's Granddaughter Moved To Tears In Emotional Video After American Idol Audition

Emmy Russell, the granddaughter of the late country music legend Loretta Lynn, was moved to tears in an emotional and heartfelt video following her audition on American Idol.

Trying to live up to expectations that we or others have for us can be exhausting. That is especially true when you’re related to one of the greatest country music artists, like Loretta Lynn. Every person is an individual, blessed with their own set of skills, abilities and gifts.

Emmy Russell, the 24-year-old granddaughter of Loretta Lynn, went before the judges on American Idol. When talking about herself, she casually mentions her grandmother. It’s clear from the very beginning that Emmy is a quiet and timid young lady. She explains why she believes she is so timid. It’s because she wanted to “own her voice” and “wanted to challenge herself.”

She went on to impress the judges with her singing and songwriting, playing an original tune of hers. She got yes from Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan.

Katy told the young woman that she did not need to compare herself to her grandmother and should not put that kind of pressure on herself. 

In a video posted on Instagram after her audition aired, Emmy said she had been flooded with tears and gratitude. She also went on to thank those who were supportive of her audition on American Idol. 

She added that it would take her some time to get back to everyone who had expressed her support and well wishes. However, she said, in the meantime, that she wanted to post a video of “gratitude.”

Growing up in the shadow of someone as legendary as Loretta Lynn and then having people put those expectations on you has to be daunting and overwhelming. But God created all of us to be unique individuals and not replicas of someone else. 

James 1:17 “Every good and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom is no fickleness, neither shadow of turning.”

Source: emmyroserussell

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