I HAVE BEEN SHOT! Emilio Piontes Testimony: Part 3 of 3

I HAVE BEEN SHOT!  Emilio Piontes Testimony:  Part 3 of 3

Emilio Piontes had a huge need to feel loved and accepted. That need lead him into the world of Chicago street gangs, crime, herion addiction for 17 years, and several prison terms. During one of his bouts with trying to come up with money for another drug fix, he was shot by the person he was robbing! This testimony is a MUST WATCH if you, or someone you know, feels like God could never forgive them, or would even WANT to forgive them. It is also a moving testimony of the patience and mercy of God. Time after time Emilio would fall back into his drug addiction when it seemed like he had it conquered. Yet through all the painful years, his grieving mother kept praying to God for her wayward son, and now her wayward son has finally been set FREE. Not only free, but now is a vessel God has been using for years to minister hope and spiritual insight to prisoners whose lives have been ravaged by drugs and crime, and they TOO are craving to find acceptance and love, just like Emilio was crying out for, but never knew where it could be found. To watch all three Parts of this testimony, go to Google and click on: TESTIMONY DIRECTORY. Then scroll down the names until you find PIONTES, Emilio.