A collaboration of brethren has created this Praise Song receiving lots of attention on YouTube, and I believe will be a classic on Tangle. The two Brother's are the AbaloneKid who wrote the LYRIC and Shannon the MUSIC and SINGS . Shannon has composed numerous praise songs with his wife Jan. If you want MORE PRAISE THE LORD VIDEOS, visit them on their site: And visit Chaim, the AbaloneKid at: where a Worldwide Gospel Revival is showing and FREE Mp3's are available for his Praise and Worship album: "HE IS COMING" heard around the world. ~~Sing Along With Shannon~~ Because of you, Lord, we live forever. Because of you, none else will do. Because of you we have a reason. In your great love Lord, Because of you. Because of you Lord, life never ending, Because of you our faith abides. How could we hate when hope rejoices. Because of you Lord, because of you. (Chorus) BECAUSE OF YOU THE HEAVENS GLORY BECAUSE OF YOU THE STARS STILL SHINE BECAUSE OF YOU LIFE HAS A MEANING BECAUSE OF YOU LORD, BECAUSE OF YOU. Because of you Lord, our time has a meaning No worldly fame could claim our joy. For when we see your great majesty awaken, The gift of life Lord, because of you. (REPEAT CHORUS ). Because of you Lord we have a reason Because of you the battles won. Because of you no fear can hold us. Because of you Lord, our Father's Son (REPEAT CHORUS ). BECAUSE OF YOU LORD, BECAUSE OF YOU All honor and glory to our heavenly Father and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for it is "All Because Of Him" that we have eternal life, joy and peace.

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